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Nadja CarlottiNadja Carlotti

Nadja Carlotti

Nadja Carlotti’s background in textile and embroidery translates into her label with delicate creation of stunning intricacy. Her collections are for the young (or young at heart) in search of delicate and feminine fashion jewelry but in a modern, hippie- chic spirit. 


Parisian designer Nadja Carlotti graduated in textile design and making from École Duperré Paris with a specialty in embroidery and weaving. After graduation, Nadja started her career as an embroiderer in one of the atelier that works under the Haute Couture houses. Later on, she discovered the different aspects of jewelry creation while working for a Parisian studio.

At the beginning of 2006, the beautiful world of jewelry became an excuse and a creative laboratory for Nadja, offering her infinite amount of opportunities to materialize her textile research. After the success of her first collection Patchwork - pieces of jewelry made of tiny cushions using Liberty fabric - Nadja launched her own eponymous brand.

In 2009, Nadja also won an award at the Bijorhca Paris Jewelry Trade Show in the custom jewelry category for her work.

‘NADJA CARLOTTI’ collections are a mixture of different materials such as lace, glass beads, tassels, textiles and brass with lots of colors. Since a few years ago, Nadja has been creating pieces with more geometrical lines pursuing a style that is uncluttered and translates finesse, lightness and femininity with minimal elements.

‘NADJA CARLOTTI’ creations are for the women who love delicate and fine pieces that can bring ladylike sophistication with seductive romance.

All ‘NADJA CARLOTTI’ collections are handmade in her own atelier-boutique in the east side of Paris.