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La Lueur de l'AubeLa Lueur de l'Aube

La Lueur de l'Aube

Five years after coming to Paris to perfect her style and artwork, Makiko Akiyama launched her own fashion jewelry label named ‘LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE’ in 2008 in her new adopted country. Inspired by poesy and nature, she offers fine and elegant jewelry mixing romantic and whimsical spirit


‘LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE’ is the creation of Makiko Akiyama, a Japanese designer in love with Paris whose chosen France as her adopted country. After graduating in fashion design from Musashino Art University and working for an accessory company, Makiko moved to France ten years ago to perfect her style and technique. She has trained in various studios producing jewelry for the big names and fashion houses. In 2008, Makiko founded her own label and collection.

Poesy and whimsy are at the heart of the label from the name to every design and piece delicately created by Makiko. ‘LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE’ means the dim light of dawn. It is the gentle and delicate light of daybreak bringing promise of a new start and hope. The light gives people power and strength.

‘LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE’ is the name for poetic and warm jewelry. Nature such as flowers swinging in the wind, stone keeping its beauty inside, and water drops playing to the rhythm inspires Makiko to design her jewelry.

The collection includes earrings, bracelet, chains and rings with Makiko exquisitely jeweled depictions of birds perched on branches, hortensia clusters and intricate icicles. Her jewelry is aimed for all the women who like delicate and feminine details and believe that subtle details can accentuate a woman’s natural beauty.

Makiko has high level of refined technique, harmonizing daintiness and roughness. Her artwork represents a Japanese sense of beauty further romantically refined in Paris. Each collection is handmade and designed to bring uniqueness and authenticity.

The collection can be found in independent boutiques and concept stores including France, in the UK, Spain and in deluxe department stores in Japan.

All ‘LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE’ creations are handmade in Paris in the designer’s atelier.