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Advice and Info

With time, like all beloved bags and clothes we like to carry and wear very often, jewelry will naturally wear out and the plating will fade away. However, we will try to share some tips and advice to help make your fashion jewelry last for as long as possible.

General Tips

To keep your jewelry looking their best, avoid contact with water (such as shower, bath, pool, jacuzzi, ocean) and do not expose the jewelry to harsh chemicals such as household cleaning products especially ones containing bleach or ammonia, perfumes, and beauty products including creams and lotions, hairspray and nail polish. We would advise that any lotions and makeup be applied before putting on any jewelry at the very last.

Always store pieces individually in a box or pouch away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This will prevent scratches and any reaction with material from other jewelry and items as well as wear and tear from exposure to the environment.

Gold Plated, Crystals and Gem Stones

Use a gentle hand soap with warm water. Rinse and pat dry.

Brass, Silver & Stainless Steel

Normally, a gentle hand soap with warm water will suffice. To regain shine, clean with polish or use a little lemon juice. Do not use polish or abrasive creams for any plated jewelry.


Apply leather conditioner such as mink oil to increase lifespan and to keep supple. Avoid moisture as much as possible and extreme temperatures in order to maintain color. Leather is an organic material so the color and texture may change over time especially where folded or knotted.

Velvet & Fabrics

Use adhesive tape gently or clothes brush to remove dust and fibers. Use only tapes for fabric to avoid damage. To remove stains, clean with a little soap and cold water, rub gently and rinse. If necessary, use toothbrush delicately to remove more serious stains.

For further inquiries, please contact and we will do our best to help!


Sizing Guide

Ring sizes come in a large range of country-specific systems and unfortunately, they aren’t even directly convertible. Nuage Concept follows French sizes as our products are designed and made in France! Moreover, French ring sizing is simply the inside circumference in millimeters. Makes good sense, no?

circumference in mm)

in mm)

Hong Kong



New Zealand
& UK



48 15.28 10 8 5 I 8
48.7 15.50       J 8.75
49 15.60     6     9
49.3 15.69 11 9   5 9.25
50 15.92     7 K 10
50.6 16.11 12 10   10.5
51 16.23     8     11
51.2 16.30       L 11.25
51.9 16.52 13 11   6 11.75
52 16.55     9     12
52.5 16.71   12   M 12.5
53 16.87     10     13
53.1 16.90 14.5 13   13.25
53.8 17.13       N 13.75
54 17.19     11     14
54.4 17.32 16 14   7 14.5
55 17.51     12     15
55.1 17.54       O 15.25
55.7 17.73 17 15   15.75
56 17.83     13   16

French Gold-Plating Standard

Our jewelry are all sourced from France and therefore meets the high standards set for gold-plating, both in purity and in thickness.


In terms of purity, the lowest permissible level to be called 'gold jewelry' in France must be above 18k (75% pure gold), compared to the minimum of 10k (41.7% pure gold) in the U.S., 9k in the U.K. and even 8k (33% pure gold) in various other countries. Although 14k is the more popular purity in most countries, especially for gold-plated fashion jewelry, the bare minimum of 18k used in France has a purity already well beyond that level, while various designers even use 24k (99.9% pure gold).
At Nuage, you will only find purity over 18k and the exact karat purity of most gold-plated jewelry is stated within the product description of each piece. 
In terms of thickness, the French standard requires "plaqué or" ("gold-plated") to be above 3 microns (μ) thick in gold. Anything below that can only be termed as "doré" (meaning "golden" or "gold-flashed"). The seemingly equivalent term of "gold-plated" in other countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K., only stipulates a thickness of over 0.5μ, or 6 times less thick. In these countries, jewelry with plating over 2.5μ can even be called "heavy gold-plated", which falls short of the minimum requirement for "plaqué or" in France.
At Nuage, we will always do our best to display the thickness of the plating, information we will get from the designer so that you know exactly what you are buying.