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  • Next Appearance: Holiday Bazaar

    Our last appearance before the holidays! Don't miss the opportunity to get your gifts sorted! Not only will you be able to see and try a special selection of our jewelry, you will be able to get our personal advice and styling tips. So come drop by on Monday, 16 December at the Hong Kong American Club in Tai Tam!

    Not a member? No worries, just write to us at to get access by Friday, 13 December. See you there!

    Poster Long

  • Next Appearance: KEE Club & DSTS's Annual Holiday Bazaar!

    Nuage Invitation

    On Monday, Nov 25, from 11am – 8pm, join us at KEE Club (6/F, 32 Wellington Street, Central) for KEE Club and Dim Sum & Then Some’s 5th Annual Holiday Bazaar, a full day of fabulous festive season fun featuring holiday grooves, mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas cakes and cookies, and all day free flowing dim sum. Featuring 20 of Hong Kong’s best brands –- from holiday cards and wrapping, to beautiful organic foods for your next dinner party, to accessories for your table and gorgeous gifts for the home, to stunning candles and spa products, to glittering jewellery (that's where Nuage comes in), plush cashmere and sparkling kaftans, to adorable children’s wear and toys -- this is the most show-stopping shopping event of the season! Entry is complimentary and all guests are welcome, including children, for this very special one-day-only festive fair.

  • Get inspired: Marie-Laure Chamorel Silk Tie Necklace

    MC - Silk Tie Necklace (2)

    This is the statement silk tie necklace that is the easiest to throw on! All you need is a basic T-shirt and denim (and who does not have that in their wardrobe) and the necklace will do the rest: it will zero to hero your style in a flash!  We love the chic, bohemian feel and are eager to share some of our favorite looks from casual to cocktail. What do you think?

    MLC Silk Tie Necklace Blog Collage

    MLC Silk Tie Necklace Blog Cocktail Collage

  • Mode Coaching: PINK

    PINK is the new black. If you are hesitating about buying it or are in the hopes of it disappearing altogether, it's time to rethink: from powder pink winter coats by Céline or Carven to bright pink outfits for next summer, pink is here for the long haul!

    Pink Theme Merged

    But not everyone can pull off this color from head to toe, so how can you "pink up" your wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim? With pink bags and accessories of course! We selected a few pieces from our collection that you could wear for a date with your girlfriends as well as that business meeting...

    Pink Theme Final

    Clockwise from top left:
    - Large Hortensia Pink Quartz Earrings
    - Icicle Vermeil Pink Quartz Earring
    - Dentelle Pink Quartz Necklace
    - Cailloux Bangle Rose Quartz

  • Travel Diary: Un Petit Voyage Provençal...

    Before the summer slips away from us, a little trip back in memory lane to one of the world's most beloved (and traveled) destinations is the perfect activity - seriously, is it August already?

    Experiencing la Provence is about lengthy lunches as much as visiting medieval churches and discovering roman ruins. There are some places you can't help but fall in love with and return year after year. From endless, rippling lavender fields and honey-stone hilltop villages to local restaurants (think about the book by Peter Mayle and movie "A Good Year" starring Russel Crowe and Marion Cotillard). We are sharing some of our favorite villages and restaurants in this renowned region.

    Châteauneuf-du-Pape, perfect for the wine lovers. 

    We've had a good fortune of staying in the small but famous village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and took sequential day-trips to visit other nearby villages such as Avignon, Orange, Aix-en-Provence and Nîmes. The village itself is quite small, so restaurants tend to fill up very quickly. Hence, get down to La Mère Germaine early, where the service and food were equally top notch. If you are in a mood for a more grandiose dinner, book a table outdoor at l'Hostellerie Château des Fines Roches, where the view is exceptional and the food exquisite. After your feasts, you can have a nice walk around the vineyards which is such a beautiful stroll.

    Sainte Magnance - restaurant Auberge des Cordois  (1) Chateauneuf du Pape  (7)

    Chateauneuf du Pape - Hostellerie Chateau des Fines Roches  (37)

    Gigondas, a small provençal village

    The old village of Gigondas rises up from the surrounding vineyards. The village is known for its wine which tends to be spicy from its rocky, mineral-rich terrain. We highly recommend you to dine at the restaurant l'Oustalet (booking required) for a gastronomic lunch (even the Michelin guide agrees).

    Gigondas - restaurant L'Oustalet  (5)Gigondas - restaurant L'Oustalet  (29)


    Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and environs

    Enjoy the limestone Alpilles Mountain's dramatic view from the village, les Baux-de- Provence and have a nice coffee at its typical "place du village" or "main square" by the fountain and in the shimmering shade under the trees. Then head to Saint-Rémy-de Provence, this ever more high-end town was the home of various famous artists including Van Gogh, who admitted himself to the Monastère St-Paul-de-Mausolée, an asylum just on the outskirts. For a friendly meal, try the restaurant l'Olivade with its homey courtyard.


    Don't miss these others places:

    The beautiful ancient village of Gordes, perched on the southern edge of the high Plateau de Vaucluse is classed as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France". Behind the village (to the north), small roads lead into the rocks and valleys with the picturesque Abbaye de Sénanque with fields of lavender (only 4 km away), yet isolated in its own little valley.

    Abbaye de Senanque  (71)


    In Avignon, get cultural and historical enlightenment by visiting the group of monuments - the Palais des Papes, the surrounding ramparts and the remains of a 12th-century bridge over the Rhône, the Petit Palais and the romanesque Cathédrale de Notre-Dame-des-Doms - that testify to the leading role played by Avignon in 14th-century Christian Europe. This cultural day will not be complete without a stop at the Pont du Gard, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient roman aqueduct is a technical as well as an artistic masterpiece.

    Avignon  (21) Pont du Gard (14)


    Aix-en-Provence, an elegant and charming small city with tree-line boulevards, aristocratic townhouses and seductive squares with fountains. If you have a sweet tooth, try a calisson, an iced marzipan candy, made of ground almonds and fruits which is a native of Aix.

    Heading to Mediterranean, don't miss Cassis, an underrated seaside hangout with its busy working harbor. From there; take a boat trip to les Calanques and explore the secret natural coves and the truly magical turquoise sea.

    Cassis-Les Calanques  (39) Cassis-Les Calanques  (24)

  • The Real Midas Touch: Only Then the French Would Call It “Plaqué Or” or “Gold-Plated”

    When we buy a piece of jewelry, we expect a certain quality and standard, often bouncing it in our hand to feel its weight. While gold is one of the most standardized materials these days, a long way from the days of alchemy and trickery, the benchmarks vary hugely from country to country. In this supposed era of globalization, the world unfortunately hasn’t had the time to harmonize these standards to simplify the life of our consumers.

    While comfortably sipping a cup of tea in front of your computer, you can easily purchase the necklace to go perfectly with your outfit from the other side of the planet. But do you really know what standard it’s made to? After looking through tons of information and discussing with professionals in the industry (aren’t you glad we did all the walking?), the team at Nuage is happy to share what we have learned. We’ll attempt to clarify and give you brief, but crucial points regarding the world of plated jewelry.



    Did you know that 10-karat gold (41.7% pure gold) can be legally marked as gold jewelry in the United States, with 14k (58.3% pure gold) being the most popular purity? Whereas 9k is all it takes in the U.K. and various other countries have an even lower minimum of only 8k (that’s only 33% pure gold)! In France (also in Italy and Switzerland), 18k is the lowest permissible purity, well above the minimum in other places and beyond the popular 14k used in most fashion jewelry sold elsewhere in the world. You are in safe hands at Nuage as all products come from France, with a number of designers using the highest purity of 24k (99.9% pure gold).

     Imai (5)


    Ok, we now have some grasp on purity but what about the classification of gold-plating? As you might have guessed, it also varies from one country to another. To start off with, gold-plating thickness is measured in microns (μ), with 1000 microns = 1mm. Once again, it looks like France is most stringent with this respect. In France, we can only call a piece “plaqué or” (gold-plated) if a piece of jewelry is covered with at least 3μ of gold. Otherwise, we can only label it as “doré” (literally “golden” or “gold flashed” or “gold washed” in more technical terms). In the U.S. or the U.K. however, that seemingly equivalent term “gold-plated” only requires a legal minimum of 0.5μ. You can even call it “heavy gold-plated” as long as it reaches 2.5μ thick in those countries, thinner than what the French would even define as plated!

    Is the thickness of the gold-plating that important for the fashion jewelry, you ask? The thicker the gold is, the more resistant your beloved jewelry will be to discoloration and scratching due to wear and tear.


    After all, pure gold is valued for its shine, stability and solidity since ancient times. We continue to ensure quality by offering “haute fantaisie” jewelry, as luxury fashion jewelry is called. Analogous to a piece of haute couture clothing, you can cherish and recognize it for its quality and craftsmanship and it will last in your jewelry box for a long time to come!

    La lueur de l'aube - HOR17FBP

  • A nice way to say "Thanks mom, I love you!"

    Mother's day blog pic

    It's the time of the year when you want to show how much you love and care about the woman who made you who you are today. Send her a card, give her a call and offer her flowers but to really appreciate her, simply pick her a piece of jewelry! There are various styles that would suit to her style, so give her a unique surprise!

    Let us inspire you with our Mother's day suggestions and special offers here.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Our picks on Anne Thomas

    If your wardrobe is like mine, full of black, grey and neutral colors, then Anne Thomas's jewelry will be your go-to designer to bring some pop to your outfits. Graphic shapes are having a moment in SS13 and colors are still bold. So pick any from Anne Thomas's collection will give a fresh and modern twist to your look.

    At Nuage, we love the Sacha cuff in almond green, the one piece you need on your arm to standout this season. When you hold it in your hand, you feel the beautiful craftmanship and rich materials fusing together in this bold cuff. And good news is that the price is reasonably priced for the amount and quality of work. Show off your cuff just by itself on a sleeveless top.

    AT Sacha Cuff Almond GreenAT Sacha Cuff Worn

    For the less bold among us, the Vega bracelet in Royal blue is the perfect, versatile bangle to be adorned in the office or off-duty. The unusual design of this piece is what make it distinctive and the colorful velvet will make your arm and whole outfit stand out.

    Anne Thomas Bracelets AT Vega Bracelet Worn


    For a more playful and interesting necklace, the Rose necklace in neon green will be a good addition to your summer collection. The geometric design and mixed textures make the Rose necklace an excellent choice for pairing with your favorite shirt or daydress.

    AT Rose necklace AT Rose necklace Worn


    Photos credits: models photos - Anne Thomas. 


  • Meet our designer: Anne Thomas

    Bonjour, bonjour

    This time we are very glad to introduce Anne Thomas whose work is very dear to our heart. How can you resist the pieces she creates? The skilful combination of 24K gold-plated brass and rich, supple velvet displays strong architectural, art-deco inspiration. We are thrilled every time by Anne's colorful and graphic universe. Each season, Anne knows how to select the right colors that will mix and match best with your seasonal purchases or will bring your classic wardrobe up to current trends!


    Anne Thomas has been recognized for her work and creations. She collaborated with some big names in the industry such as Marella from the Maxmara Group, Takashimaya in Tokyo and her creations are regularly in the pages of our favorite fashion magazines such as Elle France, Cosmopolitan France, Vogue Italy, Madame Figaro France.

    AT - ELLE.COM Dec 2011 AT- Vogue Italia 2011

    AT - Cosmo FR Mars 2012AT - Madame Figaro Sept 12


  • Our picks on Coralie de Seynes

    Like us, be inspired by the feuillage necklace a new add-up in the Coralie de Seynes collection. This is not your usual statement necklace that requires an occasion to be shown off but a beautiful and perfect necklace for just about everyday! The carefully welded leaves in antiqued silver or golden-finished brass look very realistic and the muted shade of the metal makes it easily wearable. Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans to add sophistication to another basic outfit or with a little black dress to uniquely dress it up.

    Feuillage antiqued silver-finished brass necklaceFeuillage golden-finished brass necklace

    At Nuage, we love soft and supple leather, so it's with no surprise we are fond of Coralie's signature leather knot bracelets: the Baderne and the Nouage bracelets. They are easy to show-off on your wrist and come in so many combinations! We love them so much we have one of each color so we can mix and match with our outfits.

    From top to bottom: Nouage silver-taupe bracelet; Baderne leather bracelet, Nouage golden-tangerine bracelet, Baderne leather and silver brass braceletNouage beige-silver bracelet

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