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  • Mode coaching: Spring- Summer 2015 trends

    Excitement, opportunity, the promise of the new: Spring/Summer 2015 is here. It's still early days, of course, but the fresh palette of cream white and ecru (beige) are already popping up on our radar to complement this season's bright colors.

    If you're starting to update your wardrobe, what trends should you watch out for? Let's try visualize the colors fashion pros are agreeing on:

    Klein blue - Turquoise

    Pink quartz - Creamsicle

    Wisteria and Pink

    As we always iterate, it's the accessories that complete the look. So we've also gathered intel on the latest trends on jewelry, so there's no excuse in not being the best put together in the office or around town!

    SS15 trends -01

    The single-earring trend has given way to a new take on ear ornamentation—the unbalanced look. Beauty and style are found in the irregularity, be it contrasting colors or asymmetric shapes or length. For the shyer or more traditional, this season's runways are also strutting delicate baubles that pay homage to the true ladies who lunch.

    SS15 trends -02

    Necklaces in-the-now are chokers which take a chic hold on heavy metals, gems and beyond. But pendants are also coming out swinging for SS15, updating the game for your basics. SS15 trends -03

    The metal of the moment is richly hued brass, done up bold and brash on a wide variety of pieces. Lately, the recent resurgence of pearls is anything but tame. We’re talking edgy earrings, of-the-moment rings, and modern chokers.

    So hear we are, get inspired, get imaginative and put a spring into your step!

  • Mode Coaching: What’s the season trend for FW14?

    With summer soon to set and the kids back to school, it’s time to think about what the fashion big houses (and the stores we can afford) have prepared for us this fall. No worries, you won’t have to look too far, we’ve summed up the main fashion colors and jewelry trends for you to choose in order to look super stylish during the coming season. Get ready to ward off winter gloom in pretty palettes and flashes of glittery gold!

    Grey is one of the absolute dominants of the coming season. Versatile and neutral, it definitely works well for everyone at every occasion. Sangria is also unquestionably a noteworthy shade when talking about the fashion trends of this winter. Store racks are already filled with beautiful pieces in this luscious hue. The designers also opted for impressive and grand designs in misty yellow.

    Nuage Concept - FW14 - Color trends 1

    Nuage Concept - FW14 - Color trends 2


    For jewelry, the trend is definitely going for bulky and catchy jewelry as seen on Céline, Dior or Louis Vuitton catwalks. You can invest if you haven’t  already , in chunky chains that can be worn alone for a statement style that stay discreet or layered together for a bolder silhouette such as Chanel or Moschino models. Choker necklaces are still firmly present this season and are decorated (?) with catchy crystals, interesting floral notes or baroque style. Statement bangles and cuffs are no doubt an ongoing trend and will uplift any outfits. What’s more? Celebrities such as Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence have embraced the single-ear statement earring on the red carpet and so can you to add a young and fresh asymmetric spin to your style.

    Nuage - FW14 - Big & Bold Moodboard

    FW14 - Choker necklaces Moodboard

    FW14 - Single Earring Moodboard

    FW14 - Statement Cuffs Moodboard

  • Mode Coaching: PINK

    PINK is the new black. If you are hesitating about buying it or are in the hopes of it disappearing altogether, it's time to rethink: from powder pink winter coats by Céline or Carven to bright pink outfits for next summer, pink is here for the long haul!

    Pink Theme Merged

    But not everyone can pull off this color from head to toe, so how can you "pink up" your wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim? With pink bags and accessories of course! We selected a few pieces from our collection that you could wear for a date with your girlfriends as well as that business meeting...

    Pink Theme Final

    Clockwise from top left:
    - Large Hortensia Pink Quartz Earrings
    - Icicle Vermeil Pink Quartz Earring
    - Dentelle Pink Quartz Necklace
    - Cailloux Bangle Rose Quartz

  • The Real Midas Touch: Only Then the French Would Call It “Plaqué Or” or “Gold-Plated”

    When we buy a piece of jewelry, we expect a certain quality and standard, often bouncing it in our hand to feel its weight. While gold is one of the most standardized materials these days, a long way from the days of alchemy and trickery, the benchmarks vary hugely from country to country. In this supposed era of globalization, the world unfortunately hasn’t had the time to harmonize these standards to simplify the life of our consumers.

    While comfortably sipping a cup of tea in front of your computer, you can easily purchase the necklace to go perfectly with your outfit from the other side of the planet. But do you really know what standard it’s made to? After looking through tons of information and discussing with professionals in the industry (aren’t you glad we did all the walking?), the team at Nuage is happy to share what we have learned. We’ll attempt to clarify and give you brief, but crucial points regarding the world of plated jewelry.



    Did you know that 10-karat gold (41.7% pure gold) can be legally marked as gold jewelry in the United States, with 14k (58.3% pure gold) being the most popular purity? Whereas 9k is all it takes in the U.K. and various other countries have an even lower minimum of only 8k (that’s only 33% pure gold)! In France (also in Italy and Switzerland), 18k is the lowest permissible purity, well above the minimum in other places and beyond the popular 14k used in most fashion jewelry sold elsewhere in the world. You are in safe hands at Nuage as all products come from France, with a number of designers using the highest purity of 24k (99.9% pure gold).

     Imai (5)


    Ok, we now have some grasp on purity but what about the classification of gold-plating? As you might have guessed, it also varies from one country to another. To start off with, gold-plating thickness is measured in microns (μ), with 1000 microns = 1mm. Once again, it looks like France is most stringent with this respect. In France, we can only call a piece “plaqué or” (gold-plated) if a piece of jewelry is covered with at least 3μ of gold. Otherwise, we can only label it as “doré” (literally “golden” or “gold flashed” or “gold washed” in more technical terms). In the U.S. or the U.K. however, that seemingly equivalent term “gold-plated” only requires a legal minimum of 0.5μ. You can even call it “heavy gold-plated” as long as it reaches 2.5μ thick in those countries, thinner than what the French would even define as plated!

    Is the thickness of the gold-plating that important for the fashion jewelry, you ask? The thicker the gold is, the more resistant your beloved jewelry will be to discoloration and scratching due to wear and tear.


    After all, pure gold is valued for its shine, stability and solidity since ancient times. We continue to ensure quality by offering “haute fantaisie” jewelry, as luxury fashion jewelry is called. Analogous to a piece of haute couture clothing, you can cherish and recognize it for its quality and craftsmanship and it will last in your jewelry box for a long time to come!

    La lueur de l'aube - HOR17FBP

  • Our picks on Coralie de Seynes

    Like us, be inspired by the feuillage necklace a new add-up in the Coralie de Seynes collection. This is not your usual statement necklace that requires an occasion to be shown off but a beautiful and perfect necklace for just about everyday! The carefully welded leaves in antiqued silver or golden-finished brass look very realistic and the muted shade of the metal makes it easily wearable. Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans to add sophistication to another basic outfit or with a little black dress to uniquely dress it up.

    Feuillage antiqued silver-finished brass necklaceFeuillage golden-finished brass necklace

    At Nuage, we love soft and supple leather, so it's with no surprise we are fond of Coralie's signature leather knot bracelets: the Baderne and the Nouage bracelets. They are easy to show-off on your wrist and come in so many combinations! We love them so much we have one of each color so we can mix and match with our outfits.

    From top to bottom: Nouage silver-taupe bracelet; Baderne leather bracelet, Nouage golden-tangerine bracelet, Baderne leather and silver brass braceletNouage beige-silver bracelet

  • I want jewelry for Valentine's Day

    To receive a piece of jewelry for gift is always a sweet surprise - no woman will deny it. So for this year's Valentine's Day, make your loved one hear what you want!

    Every woman likes jewelry, some like it bold and statement-making, some like it funky and edgy, while others appreciate simplicity and delicateness. There is always something that suits, depending on our style, our mood and the type of woman we want to project that day. The monsieur in our life normally needs to learn to read the signs but he isn't always that good at that, unfortunately. They could always use a little help from us!

    Keep the fine jewelry for milestones, big occasions like anniversaries or big mistakes to be forgiven. Fashion jewelry is a perfect way to say "I love you", "I care about you" or just because - we will always be touched! So give them a hit, let your monsieur know your pick. You can simply use our "Email It" button on our product pages!

    To help all the hopeless men out there: whatever your budget at Nuage you are sure to find one to please. Check our gift suggestions here

    or if you know your Valentine's style, jump to different designers:

    - for the Romantic: La Lueur de l'Aube dainty and fairy world is just for you

    - for the Edgy: Coralie de Seynes urban chic style is the choice

    - for the Modern & Independant: Anne Thomas will be a perfect match

    - for the Elegant: Imaï's creations will bring you chic and sophistication

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