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  • Mode Coaching: PINK

    PINK is the new black. If you are hesitating about buying it or are in the hopes of it disappearing altogether, it's time to rethink: from powder pink winter coats by Céline or Carven to bright pink outfits for next summer, pink is here for the long haul!

    Pink Theme Merged

    But not everyone can pull off this color from head to toe, so how can you "pink up" your wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim? With pink bags and accessories of course! We selected a few pieces from our collection that you could wear for a date with your girlfriends as well as that business meeting...

    Pink Theme Final

    Clockwise from top left:
    - Large Hortensia Pink Quartz Earrings
    - Icicle Vermeil Pink Quartz Earring
    - Dentelle Pink Quartz Necklace
    - Cailloux Bangle Rose Quartz

  • A nice way to say "Thanks mom, I love you!"

    Mother's day blog pic

    It's the time of the year when you want to show how much you love and care about the woman who made you who you are today. Send her a card, give her a call and offer her flowers but to really appreciate her, simply pick her a piece of jewelry! There are various styles that would suit to her style, so give her a unique surprise!

    Let us inspire you with our Mother's day suggestions and special offers here.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Our picks on Anne Thomas

    If your wardrobe is like mine, full of black, grey and neutral colors, then Anne Thomas's jewelry will be your go-to designer to bring some pop to your outfits. Graphic shapes are having a moment in SS13 and colors are still bold. So pick any from Anne Thomas's collection will give a fresh and modern twist to your look.

    At Nuage, we love the Sacha cuff in almond green, the one piece you need on your arm to standout this season. When you hold it in your hand, you feel the beautiful craftmanship and rich materials fusing together in this bold cuff. And good news is that the price is reasonably priced for the amount and quality of work. Show off your cuff just by itself on a sleeveless top.

    AT Sacha Cuff Almond GreenAT Sacha Cuff Worn

    For the less bold among us, the Vega bracelet in Royal blue is the perfect, versatile bangle to be adorned in the office or off-duty. The unusual design of this piece is what make it distinctive and the colorful velvet will make your arm and whole outfit stand out.

    Anne Thomas Bracelets AT Vega Bracelet Worn


    For a more playful and interesting necklace, the Rose necklace in neon green will be a good addition to your summer collection. The geometric design and mixed textures make the Rose necklace an excellent choice for pairing with your favorite shirt or daydress.

    AT Rose necklace AT Rose necklace Worn


    Photos credits: models photos - Anne Thomas. 


  • Our picks on Coralie de Seynes

    Like us, be inspired by the feuillage necklace a new add-up in the Coralie de Seynes collection. This is not your usual statement necklace that requires an occasion to be shown off but a beautiful and perfect necklace for just about everyday! The carefully welded leaves in antiqued silver or golden-finished brass look very realistic and the muted shade of the metal makes it easily wearable. Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans to add sophistication to another basic outfit or with a little black dress to uniquely dress it up.

    Feuillage antiqued silver-finished brass necklaceFeuillage golden-finished brass necklace

    At Nuage, we love soft and supple leather, so it's with no surprise we are fond of Coralie's signature leather knot bracelets: the Baderne and the Nouage bracelets. They are easy to show-off on your wrist and come in so many combinations! We love them so much we have one of each color so we can mix and match with our outfits.

    From top to bottom: Nouage silver-taupe bracelet; Baderne leather bracelet, Nouage golden-tangerine bracelet, Baderne leather and silver brass braceletNouage beige-silver bracelet

  • I want jewelry for Valentine's Day

    To receive a piece of jewelry for gift is always a sweet surprise - no woman will deny it. So for this year's Valentine's Day, make your loved one hear what you want!

    Every woman likes jewelry, some like it bold and statement-making, some like it funky and edgy, while others appreciate simplicity and delicateness. There is always something that suits, depending on our style, our mood and the type of woman we want to project that day. The monsieur in our life normally needs to learn to read the signs but he isn't always that good at that, unfortunately. They could always use a little help from us!

    Keep the fine jewelry for milestones, big occasions like anniversaries or big mistakes to be forgiven. Fashion jewelry is a perfect way to say "I love you", "I care about you" or just because - we will always be touched! So give them a hit, let your monsieur know your pick. You can simply use our "Email It" button on our product pages!

    To help all the hopeless men out there: whatever your budget at Nuage you are sure to find one to please. Check our gift suggestions here

    or if you know your Valentine's style, jump to different designers:

    - for the Romantic: La Lueur de l'Aube dainty and fairy world is just for you

    - for the Edgy: Coralie de Seynes urban chic style is the choice

    - for the Modern & Independant: Anne Thomas will be a perfect match

    - for the Elegant: Imaï's creations will bring you chic and sophistication

  • Our picks on Medecine Douce

    The Getty bangle is one of our favorite creations of the Medecine Douce collection. It represents Medecine Douce's signature style of combining different elements at its best. The mix of the golden chain and cotton threads around the bracelet gives a modern touch and an ethnic feel to the piece, while the striking color brings attention to the arm. You can wear one solo when you want to be understated, boho-chic or stack a few of them in different colors for a lovely visual impact like we do.

    Getty bangle teal; Getty bangle vermilion

    If you are a fan of Isabel Marant like me (and I know there are many of you out there!), you will love these Grappe pop color earrings. Work the bohemian aesthetic with the playful cotton tassels to add color to any look. These earrings are light and quite discreet so you can wear them on any occasion. They come in two colors but our favorite is the teal-blue and black ones.

    Grappe Pop Color earrings blue; Grappe Pop Color earring vermilion

    For the vintage lover and chic adept, the Garden earrings are the ones to have in your jewelry box. If you have an eye for the details, you will love the flower shape earrings as every petal is meticulously carved and each facet of the mother of pearl heart delicately reflects light . These earrings will go a long way with your wardrobe and fit women of all ages

    Garden flower earrings

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