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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Meet our designer: Coralie de Seynes

    Bonjour to all of you!

    For the second feature of our designers, we are delighted to present Coralie de Seynes's world to you! Coralie is charming, nice and young as well as a true Parisian. When you meet her, you know she is definitely one of those French women who is effortless and naturally chic. This ability translates into the collections she creates by hand - her necklaces and bracelets are a mix of urban glamour and poesy.

    Coralie works with her assistant from her bright, period Parisian atelier located in the center of Paris overseeing the Seine and a wonderfully romantic skyline (we're highly envious of her studio!). There, you can see her skillful hands cutting and knotting the soft leather and working the brass chain to give life to the "sautoirs" (long necklaces) she is famous for.


    Since 2010, Coralie's work and creations have been the subject of a wide coverage by the French and Japanese media such as Madame Figaro France, Marie-Claire France, Glamour, Madame Figaro Japan and WWD (Women's Wear Daily).

    This season, she has created new pieces with her signature motif of nautical knots but using new colorful scheme and combinations of metal and leather. As always, cool, hard feel of the antiqued metal is constrasted against the best quality leather, something she's retained from her days at Hermès. You can find Coralie de Seynes beautiful collections here and learn more about her profile here. Enjoy!

  • I want jewelry for Valentine's Day

    To receive a piece of jewelry for gift is always a sweet surprise - no woman will deny it. So for this year's Valentine's Day, make your loved one hear what you want!

    Every woman likes jewelry, some like it bold and statement-making, some like it funky and edgy, while others appreciate simplicity and delicateness. There is always something that suits, depending on our style, our mood and the type of woman we want to project that day. The monsieur in our life normally needs to learn to read the signs but he isn't always that good at that, unfortunately. They could always use a little help from us!

    Keep the fine jewelry for milestones, big occasions like anniversaries or big mistakes to be forgiven. Fashion jewelry is a perfect way to say "I love you", "I care about you" or just because - we will always be touched! So give them a hit, let your monsieur know your pick. You can simply use our "Email It" button on our product pages!

    To help all the hopeless men out there: whatever your budget at Nuage you are sure to find one to please. Check our gift suggestions here

    or if you know your Valentine's style, jump to different designers:

    - for the Romantic: La Lueur de l'Aube dainty and fairy world is just for you

    - for the Edgy: Coralie de Seynes urban chic style is the choice

    - for the Modern & Independant: Anne Thomas will be a perfect match

    - for the Elegant: Imaï's creations will bring you chic and sophistication

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