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Our Story & ValuesOur Story & Values

Our Story & Values

Our Story

When Chantal arrived in Hong Kong, she discovered an array of luxury and haute couture jewelry, each more expensive than the last, gleaming inside sparkly show cabinets but along with equally glaring price tags. Then, there was a hoard of low-cost, cutesy jewelry that you know would last you a couple of times before they fall apart. Genuine, versatile and stylish accessories with quality that complement office wear as much as date nights were impossible to find...

Chantal then had a deep desire to fill in this void and provide fashion accessories that women could cherish and hold on to, would not easily go out of style and are not found in every other jewelry box. Her French roots and love of quality and design, naturally led her to want to expose Parisian high fashion designer jewelry, at least for a start!

With Nuage Concept, she strives to provide you with the craftsmanship of talented French high fashion designers who are already recognized by professionals. All designers selected are already available in reputable department and concept stores in Paris and across major fashion capitals including London, New York and Tokyo. Many of them are award-winning in renowned fashion festivals.

At Nuage, we share the insight of ateliers and style secrets only Parisians know about!


Our Values

Nuage Concept only curates finely crafted fashion jewelry and accessories that are designed and created in small independent workshops in France (or "ateliers" in French). Both style and quality matter to us because we want to bring the best of the Parisian style to you.

The designers we select are crème de la crème of independent producers in France.

What makes a Nuage Concept piece so special? It is unique and meaningful. We believe in supporting fine craftsmanship and preserving French savoir-faire. We share more than exceptional design from the artisans - we provide unique, well-crafted objets d'art each with its own story. We aim to curate distinctive and versatile jewelry that can be worn from the boardroom to the ballroom, pieces that are undiscovered and distinctive.

Nuage Concept endeavors to bring these chic pieces and provide a nonpareil shopping experience to you!